What To Do With Water Heater Leakage | Crows Nest Electrician

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Feast your eyes on this infographic to know more about your hot water system, and educate yourself correctly on what to do when leaks are discovered on it.

Flood lighting Trade Secrets Just For You | Crows Nest Electrician

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Dive into this infographic and gather pointers, that you haven’t known before, like how to strategically place your flood lights in your property and more.

flood lights

Where Sensor Lights Need to Be Installed

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Discover, through this infographic, the best places where your motion sensor lights must be installed to ensure peace of mind, especially during nighttime.

Local Business Award

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On The 4th Of October, ACE Went to the Local Business Awards Night…

Local Business Award

AND WON The Most Outstanding Services And Trade In The Northern Districts!

The Local Business Awards

The Local Awards is symbolic for local businesses whose goal is to be outstanding, as it is sets winners above their competitions in regards to customer service values and quality of services. This is why at Aaron’s Complete Electrical we go the extra mile in ensuring that our customer’s needs are met in an efficient manner. On that note, winning the Local Business Award is the goal of every local business as it signifies a standard for exceptional business in the local area. The process involved submitting an application to the Awards that describes the following:

Here At ACE…

We try as much as possible to understand our customers and attend to them in the most professional and efficient manner. We have put together a team of well trained electricians who take pleasure in delivering outstanding services to our clients. We understand the need to be timely and proficient in our service and we make sure to deliver right from the moment you call up to book an appointment up till the our team complete your job. When booking your job with ACE, our tradesmen provide you with a 2 hour window of arrival and text you when they are 30 minutes away from arriving. This means that you are not waiting around all day for us to arrive and complete your job. You know exactly when we are coming! At ACE, we also understand the importance of being honest. We give all of our clients upfront and honest prices for jobs. You approve of the price before work starts, so you are guaranteed there are no hidden or additional charges.

We acknowledge that our clients require unique, tailor made and standard needs. This is the reason we ensure:

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